Our research activities are within medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, and development of tools and synthetic method for these areas. We are especially interested in G protein-coupled 7-transmembrane receptors, best known as GPCRs. We have especially focused on the free fatty acid receptors, a group of receptors that has great potential as drug targets.

The FFARMED project is an international project that focus on taking advantage of free fatty acid receptors to counteract type 2 diabetes.

We are also interested in various other targets within inflammation and metabolic diseases, including chemokine receptors and the energy level monitoring kinase AMPK.

Our medicinal chemistry projects revolved design – synthesis – evaluation to map structure-activity relationships and efficiently identify compounds with desired properties. Much of our effort go into synthesis and we continuously aim at developing simpler and more efficient, as well as greener, synthetic methods that can be useful to medicinal chemistry.

More information will come ASAP…